Goal of "ILYA Muromets" project

Our goal is to get players better acquainted with the history of Russian Imperial Air Force and specifically with its outstanding bomber called the ILYA Muromets. We also would like to tell the history of military aviation usage by the Russian army on the southwest front of WWI.

July 28, 2014 is the one hundred year anniversary of the beginning of WWI. Despite all the ugly cruelties of war, it gave a push to scientific progress which affected humanity in so many ways: aspirin in pills, traffic lights, dishwashing machines, windshield wipers and many more. All of these inventions belong to the WWI era. The ILYA Muromets is a remarkable representative of that epoch of great achievements. It was the world's first commercial airliner and then became the world's first strategic bomber. It was designed by legendary Russian engineer Igor Sikorsky who would give the world many other flying machines throughout the 20th century including helicopters.

Theatre of War and Setting

The game will feature the Russian army advance that lasted from May until November 1916 which history remembers as the most remarkable and influential operation on the Eastern European front during the war. This is when the so called "Brusilov breakthrough" which changed the course of events from June 4, 1916 forward.

Our research showed us that the Ternopol-Chernovtsy-Stanislav region seems to be the best choice of setting for our game. Also, this is where the ILya Muromets served and saw action.
We used period maps dated at the beginning of the 20th century (190?) to build the terrain and it is the main source of the topography you see in the game.

We used modern game technologies to build this map. The recreated space occupies about 22,500 square kilometers at 1 pixel per 50 meters.

This map shows every lake and every river wider than 10 meters, all hills and forests that were mentioned on the old maps. Settlements are interconnected with automobile tracks and railroads – all modeled accordingly the early 1920's data.


Free2Play version

The special Free2Play version «Rise of Flight United Edition» includes the following:

  • Flyable Nieuport 17, SPAD 13 and Albatros D.Va including
  • Includes Field Modifications and Weapon Modifications for each plane
  • Includes a Pilot Scarf and Streamer for each plane
  • Full Access to Single Player and Multiplayer Modes for each aircraft
  • Full Access to Career Mode for each plane
  • Full Access to Gunner Positions in Bombers and Recon Aircraft in Multiplayer
  • Western Front and Eastern Front (Ukraine)  

You can purchase ILYA Muromets, its historical campaign and add new aircraft to this version through the special ROF Store. 

About ILYA Muromets

"ILya Muromets" Type B

ILya Muromets Type B

Four engine wooden biplane (upper and lower wings) ILYA Muromets was the first heavy bomber in the history of military aviation. It set a new flight altitude record of 2 km in 1914. The plane also matched its name and set a new record in carrying capacity. Created by Russian engineers led by the famous Igor Sikorsky the plane was constructed in 1913 and it lifted 16 passengers and a dog with an overall weight of more than 1000 kg into the air shortly thereafter. As a result, the Muromets became the first commercial passenger plane. For the first time in aviation history, it had an insulated passenger saloon with a bedroom, a lounge and a toilet. The aircraft had heating and electrical lighting. Passengers also had access to the lower wings.

Game Modes

  • Campaign
  • Multiplayer
  • Quick Mission


The campaign tells the story of the Russian Imperial Air Force's confrontation with the Austro-Hungarian army which focused around Ternopol in 1916. The Campaign will have 10 unique missions with scenarios allowing players to fly various fighters and take control over the legendary "ILYA Muromets".  Players will be offered the following tasks and combat missions:

  • Artillery Spotting
  • Photo Reconnaissance
  • Dogfight
  • Area Bombardment

Meanwhile the landscape is saturated with all sorts of ground objects such as:

  • Gun stations and reinforced gun lines
  • Industrial districts
  • Roads, railways and bridges
  • Airfields and dozens of settlements

Quick Mission

This game mode allows users to easily re-create a variety of combat situations. Pick an aircraft for you and your wingmen; choose the time of the day, weather, wind direction, spawn altitude and distance to the nearest enemy. You're free to role-play famous WWI events or simply enjoy flying the 8 included planes that we offer in this title.


Players will get to become a part of 32 players game sessions. Pilots will fight to score points that are given for destroying enemy planes and vehicles of all sorts. The maximum number of pilots per map is 32 players. All servers will be maintained by the players themselves.

Also, we're considering the technical possibility to implement additional features such as mouse control. All details about the technology and its chances to be presented in "ILYA Muromets" will be announced later on our forums.

Release date

January 29, 2015. 

Minimal System Requirements


  • С: Windows® XP (SP2) / Vista (SP1) / Windows® 7 (SP1) / Windows® 8
  • CPU: Intel® Core™ 2 Quad 2.6 GHz+ or Intel® Core™ i5/i7 2.6 GHz+
  • GPU: 1024 Mb+, GeForce GTX 260+/Radeon HD5850+
  • RAM: 4 Gb+
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0c/11 compatible
  • Free Hard Drive space: 10 Gb+
  • Internet Connection Required for Registration, Campaign Mode, Multiplayer and Statistics Tracking. 256 Kb/s for single-player and 1 Mb/s for multiplayer

Who's making it

The game is developed by 1C Game Studios (the developer and publisher of IL-2 Sturmovik) with the support from the Russian Military-Historical society.